Very Special Mini Session – Battling Cancer – Burke Lake Park

It was the day before Bruce (father) was admitted for a bone marrow transplant, but that wasn’t for another day…! This day was spent doing all sorts of FUN things! and Bruce and Marlene squeezed in a family photo shoot at Burke Lake Park.

We’ve known Bruce and Marlene and the kids for…ever 🙂 well, not forever, we are not that old, we and “old” don’t really go in the same sentence 🙂 , but long before there were any kiddos around. Long enough to have experienced their care countless of times. As a matter of fact, our fondest memory of Bruce goes back to when Mickey was battling cancer. Mickey and I had been married less than a year, Bruce wasn’t even married, and he brought us a home-cooked meal one night. I remember Bruce was working two jobs then, and he made time in between his jobs to go home, cook, and bring us a wonderful dinner.

Praying for you Bruce, and for you whole family.

Mache & Mickey


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