Andrea & Cristian – Wedding Elopement in Cancun, Mexico

I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.

-Song of Solomon 6:3

There are some amazing milestones that we reach in the course of our lives, not all of the same kind, but all pointing to the blessings and provisions of God. For me, this was a milestone, my first destination wedding in the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico! Couldn’t have imagined – that over seven years ago, when I embarked on this photography journey with my husband, that we would have enjoyed it as much as we have, met the wonderful people that we have, and now – join Andrea and Cristian in one of the biggest, most memorable, and most important milesone of their entire lives. Their love story brought us to the white sand and clear blue ocean of Puerto Morales, where they celebrated their love and forever union in marriage and blessed me with the honor to be right beside them.

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