Country Farmhouse Family Portraits – The Plains, VA

Over the summer we had the honor of doing a special photoshoot of another family that is traveling a very difficult road, one that as you may know, we have traveled as well – battling cancer. For them it’s their second time, first Daddy, and now Mommy. They are a family very dear to our hearts and we spent that afternoon in their home and had hoped to pour out love on them, but they had QUINTUPLE as much love to pour out on us! We played frisbee golf, sipped some lemonade, cuddled with bunnies, learned how hay is bailed!, and all these sweet memories enveloped in care and genuine conversations, reflecting on God’s glorious grace and mercy. I can’t hold back my tears… it was a beautiful day, and we lift our prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ, please heal our friend Lord. Amen.


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