Lisa and Christian – Wedding, overlooking Potomac River in Leesburg, Virginia

There is nothing more beautiful than finding love and celebrating it with the people you love. Yes, I am saying “love” a lot, and that’s because this wedding was filled with warm, cozy Love!

Lisa and Christian wanted their special day to be a full expression of who they are. They wanted to spend as much time as possible with their friends and loved ones, and they did so to the fullest.

They chose the perfect venue, 

Murray Hill Estate, a charming home featuring an 18th century-style stone residence on fifty-seven acres that overlook the Potomac River and Catoctin Mountains – a picture perfect setting.

This wonderful day is specially memorable for us, Lisa is a dear friend of ours and we love her very much, and seeing her so happy with Christian by her side, well… it filled our hearts with joy!


“Oh, the comfort—

The inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,

Having neither to weigh thoughts, 

Nor measure words—but pouring them

All right out—just as they are—

Chaff and grain together—

Certain that a faithful hand will

Take and sift them—

Keep what is worth keeping—

and with the breath of kindness

Blow the rest away.”

– George Eliot


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Venue: Picturesque Murray Hill Estate, hosted by Peggy Rust.

Catering: Fine food and amazing table decor by Season to Taste.

Cake: Delicious and stunning, by Taylor Made Cakes.

Flowers: Breathtaking and elegant arrangements by Lavender Green.


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