Couples Portraits – Fairfax

These wonderful things are the things we remember all through our lives!

-Sleigh Ride

Gladys and Adalid110Gladys and Adalid112Gladys and Adalid105Gladys and Adalid106Gladys and Adalid108Gladys and Adalid109Gladys and Adalid101Gladys and Adalid103Gladys and Adalid107Gladys and Adalid104Gladys and Adalid111Gladys and Adalid122Gladys and Adalid114Gladys and Adalid115Gladys and Adalid120Gladys and Adalid119Gladys and Adalid121Gladys and Adalid102Gladys and Adalid118Gladys and Adalid116Gladys and Adalid117

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