virginia and hector wedding

Thank you Virginia and Hector for letting us spend this special day with you. We wish you the best.

Love, Mache and Mickey


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Sosa Wedding 2014_3847

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Sosa Wedding 2014_0702a


Sosa Wedding 2014_0253

Sosa Wedding 2014_0442b

SBSosa Wedding 2014_3044SB 3Sosa Wedding 2014_0285Sosa Wedding 2014_3504

Sosa Wedding 2014_0498a

Sosa Wedding 2014_0528SB 9Sosa Wedding 2014_3593SB 5Sosa Wedding 2014_0540Sosa Wedding 2014_0587SB 10Sosa Wedding 2014_0794Sosa Wedding 2014_0598Sosa Wedding 2014_3580Sosa Wedding 2014_0620SB 4Sosa Wedding 2014_3896

Sosa Wedding 2014_0644

Sosa Wedding 2014_0656Sosa Wedding 2014_0660

Sosa Wedding 2014_3701

Sosa Wedding 2014_3886

Sosa Wedding 2014_0745Sosa Wedding 2014_3779

Sosa Wedding 2014_0776




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