Newborn baby boy portraits

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart”

Winnie the Pooh.

This little guy is so blessed to have such a wonderful family and we enjoyed being there to capture the love they have for each other. And as little as he is he has already blessed mom, dad, sister and brother.


Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0517Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0520Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0522Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0194aReeder Newborn 2014_060714_0187aSB 4Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0214Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0192SB 3Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0540h copyReeder Newborn 2014_060714_0540d (1)Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0540eReeder Newborn 2014_060714_0132aReeder Newborn 2014_060714_0135Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0579Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0101aReeder Newborn 2014_060714_0150aReeder Newborn 2014_060714_0490Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0492Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0253SB 5Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0269Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0405Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0470SB 2Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0449SB 1Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0465aReeder Newborn 2014_060714_0376Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0383Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0385Reeder Newborn 2014_060714_0396a

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