Berkeley California and a Little About Me

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you” – Isaiah 43:2

On my next post, I will be sharing an amazing photo shoot – one that is more meaningful to me than you can imagine,

and the only way for you to understand why it means so much is to share something a little more personal first.


On this post I want to share how times like these brightened up my days during a time in my life when I was passing through some deep and lonely waters.

About two years ago my husband was assaulted – you said what!?

Yep – unfortunately it did happen, and it took a very long time for him to recover.

I was filled with overwhelming emotions, filled with questions that went mostly unanswered,

and I hoped with all my heart for things to get better soon.


But they didn’t. Instead, in the middle of all that pain, my youngest daughter, 7 at the time, became ill. And I watched her suffer and endure pain for nearly a year.

Oh, how I wished to have carried that pain for her, but I couldn’t. Yet, He was with me.

And although I didn’t see many bright days, they came, and this was one of them.


I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful person. She is kind of my hero and an inspiration.

She was before I met her and even more now after spending a memorable day with her.

I flew my family all the way to California to meet her! That’s how special she is to me.

And I hope that wasn’t the last time I get to spend time with her.


Her name is Amanda K, an amazing, wonderful and super talented photographer that has inspired me for many years.

It’s not only her photography that inspired me but her life story and what she’s had to overcome;

how she changed and how she remained the same after all she had gone through.


Sitting there in that coffee shop, in the beautiful town of Berkeley, meeting her for the first time – it was very special to me.

She took the time to listen and meet me where I was. “My kindred spirit”, she called me.

I don’t know if she knew, but those words were very sweet to my heart.

Her kindness towards me was a blessing and I felt her love and support.

It was a bright day! And I thank Him for it.


Today, a long year after I met her, we are doing much better, no longer in deep waters.

My husband is better and my little one has greatly improved and I finally have the opportunity to share this with you

– and I am SO excited.


In that little coffee shop, Amanda and I talked about life and then about photography – which in many ways is our life too :).

She reviewed my work, encouraged me immensely and answered all my questions.

And then off we were to the grand finale,

an amazing styled shoot with Amanda K!…

So stay tuned for my next post, I will be sharing the amazing styled shoot!


That’s Mickey and I on the bottom left 🙂 (pc Amanda K!)


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