Newborn Twins Portrait Photography

I loved everything about this session. At 19 days old these adorable identical twin boys were a dream come true for their mom and dad as parenthood welcomed them with twice the fun. And a dream come true for me as well – this was my first twins photo shoot and it was wonderful in every way.

I have always been amazed by the special connection twins share, how one perceives how the other one is feeling even if they are far away… Watching these cute little guys, new to this world, unable to communicate, not really knowing what they like and what they don’t of this new world, made me realize they knew one thing for certain, that they were brothers, and they were most comfortable close together – it was the most beautiful thing.


I promise!  it’s not a mirror image of the same baby. lol

and by the way these two were the largest twin babies I have ever heard of. 7lbs 6oz. & 7lbs. 11oz.    WOW! Way to go Mama.

Big brother Winston saying Hello



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